“Rooney’s leaving United. What am I going to do”?

This is what many Manchester united fans must have running through their heads right now. Social networking sites have been abuzz with people dedicating their statuses to the sad news that Manchester United Star Rooney may well be on his way out once his contract ends.

Manager Alex Ferguson broke the news that Wayne Rooney does indeed want to leave the football club in early 2012, which is when his present contract ends. The question is while yes, football is a way of life for many individuals how does his leaving the club affect anyone personally?

The answer is, it does. For many of us, what we do in the little free time we have becomes a constant source of happiness… we begin to live vicariously through the people we watch on the television, whether they’re playing football or giving a concert to thousands of people.

We can feel the euphoria of scoring a goal against the team we always wanted to beat and almost feel the rush of performing for a crowd of screaming fans.

When your favorite author decides never to write a book again, when your soap opera star is killed off the soap he starred in for seven years you feel like the safe, secure part of your life, the part that has always been constant is taken away.

We choose what we do in our spare time and that becomes what we look forward to. “It’s what you do that defines who you are” which is why we get so attached to people we don’t know and sports we don’t even play.

That is why, if and when Wayne Rooney does ultimately leave Manchester United his fans will feel his heartbreak, they will feel his loss and will mourn. Life will go on. It does not really stop for anyone, not even for them to catch a breath.

The only thing we can do is to go on and hope for better and brighter things. In this case, that would be hoping Alex Ferguson and Rooney kiss and make up and give Man Utd fans another reason to smile!

Quote credit- Batman Begins (2005) http://www.moviequotes.com/repository.cgi?pg=3&tt=304847

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  1. I like really nice…make it more colourful though…

  2. Nicely written, good structure.
    But you shouldve talked more about your central idea and a bit of humour wouldve been nice too.

  3. Thank you for the support guys.
    Really appreciate it 🙂

  4. very to the point – pretty cool!
    Also *what we do in the little free time we have becomes a constant source of happiness…* – very true!

  5. Good writing! =)
    more posts soon?

  6. It is well written but i feel you should have written more. Probably gone into the matter a tad bit more and criticised the greedy fool. Maybe a bit of your opinion as it is your blog? But it is well researched! 🙂

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