“Animal” Instinct

We kick, we scream, we bite, we throw food and we pick lice off each other. Who are we?

The answer to that is not monkeys. It is human beings. Charles Darwin talked about evolution, that human beings developed and got civilized while the rest of the animals including our Ape ancestors got left far behind.

A trip to the zoo necessitated a questioning of that belief. Human beings may have learnt how to walk straight, reach the moon and develop technology that can produce practically anything but when it comes to life it’s the basic instincts that take over.

Hunger, thirst, procreation and survival remain the most important aspects of human life. We are slaves to our most basic needs and we can go around thinking that we are the most civilized race around but the truth is far from that.

Even though we have evolved human behaviour is questionable. We fight wars even though our logical brains know that it causes destruction and despair.  We destroy the very earth we inhabit in order to modernise and make our lives easier. We walk the streets with our heads held high because we have control over the things we do.

According to the US department of Justice a woman is raped in the States every 2 minutes. US happens to be one of the most developed countries in the world. In which case, how much of our baser instincts have we really managed to overcome?

We have mastered the ability to speak but domestic physical abuse remains a pressing problem in many developing countries.

We call the human race superior but what makes us human is slowly fading away. We are slowly losing our humanity, in our race to succeed and move forward we are no longer civilized but we are getting more primal.

Watching the animals at the zoo you get the feeling that even though they’re the one’s behind the glass windows we’re the real entertainment. The joke is on us. Whether in the wild or in a zoo, the wise old animals probably look at us and think to themselves, “ These people may have evolved but we’re definitely more civilised”. And they just maybe right!!

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  1. So true… I think we have gotten carried away with all the ‘development’. Before we become androids maybe we should look t our animal friends for some humanity.

  2. cant be more true than this .well written

  3. Now this is AWESOME writing! This is the kind of stuff we need to have more of. An article that makes one think and question the What we consider CIVIL.
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. It’s an interesting thought 🙂
    I like the question and the thought process behind it.

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