Home is where the heart is <3

The greatest journeys are the one’s that bring you home. A line from the book *The Namesake best describes our relationship with the places we call home.

Most of us are nomadic, it doesn’t mean we literally live on the road but in life we go from one place to another. The places we go to and the places we leave behind always stay in our hearts but the one place that is irreplaceable is the one we call home.

Home is not where you spend the most years or where your family is. It is what makes you who you are, the place that you ultimately and completely belong to. The place where you fit in, something we struggle to do throughout our lives.

It was a particular incident that got me thinking about this. London has a huge Indian and Pakistani community. The 2010 floods of Pakistan have prompted citizens living in a London area called Harrow to come together and raise money for the victims under the Harrow Mayors flood relief appeal.

One of the principal organisers of an event held yesterday was a man who hails from Pakistan. He left home decades ago but still made the effort of going back inspecting the flood ravaged area and raising money for the people that were affected. His life in London is far removed from a place he left behind but the pull we feel to home is like no other and this is proof enough.

Mr. R. Khanna left India for America 20 years ago and even had to take up U.S citizenship in order to end the problems he faced after 9/11. He maybe a US citizen by legality but in his heart, he will always be an Indian.

He says,” I have lived in this country for 20 years but I have never belonged. I still feel that I will return to my home – India, one Day. It may sound totally silly, but the best sleep I have ever had was always in India. I still remember waking up to the sound of koel in the distance.”

The park that you met your first boyfriend in, the library you used to get away when the world got to difficult to bear and the bread that you only get in the tiny shop near your home gives you warmth and  a feeling of familiarity. *Home is that place that remains unchanged letting you see the ways in which you have altered.

I left my home two months ago to come study at the University of Westminster. London maybe the most vibrant city in the world with the best desserts and the most beautiful parks but I know that no matter how much I fall in love with London the place in my heart that’s reserved for my home says Mumbai. And I’m pretty sure any one else who has ever left home agrees with me.

*Adaptation of a Nelson Mandela quote

*From The Namesake

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  1. I completely agree! There’s no place like home! 🙂

  2. Totally true… If you are down in the dumps its only home that keep you afloat.

  3. Omg! I thought the same thing today. Very moving piece. I like it very much.

  4. very very nice, babycorn.

  5. What a touching article! Thank you for giving a bitter-sweet feeling in my heart. I still remember the little things from home. You brought them back to life. Thank you.

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