We all know what journalists do; they inform, educate and entertain the public. What we don’t know is how they do it.

Here is an insider’s guide.

I locate my target and start walking towards him. He senses me and quickens his pace but I am relentless and almost run to catch up with him. I feel like a stalker as passers by shoot glances at me pursuing this gentleman.

When I feel like the time is right I say: “Excuse me?”

He looks at me with wide eyes making me feel like I’m the ghost of Christmas past instead of just a journalism student pursuing a likely candidate for a story that she wants to write.

Needless to say he gives me a quick three second reply before running off. This was my first experience of journalism in real life as I walked around my University looking for people to interview for a news assignment.

I volunteered to work for a local news website, and from then on the student tag was gone, I was a journalist.

From then on, there emerged a pattern.

I cover events for the website about once a week. Talking to organisers of events is easy as they want all the media attention they can get.

When it comes to talking to important people like politicians or even mini celebrities one must have excellent spying abilities. Especially if you are a rookie.

They show up unpredictably and are gone before you know it. Once you have them in your line of vision you must surreptiously follow them, trying to look professional and non-stalkerish at the same time.

Then come, the people.

At a recent event I wanted to record audio clips of the spectators. As I approached them they literally fled in the opposite direction leaving me wondering if my breath really smelled or if it just the recorder that spooked them.

God forbid, I actually had a video camera!

To be a good journalist, one must be as smart as Sherlock Holmes, suave as 007 and as quick as lightning to be the first one with the right angles to a story . I only hope I acquire these skills and soon!

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  1. Go through the same everyday! I agree wholeheartedly!

  2. Great – loved it! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      Dont you think we really need to work hard to get people to talk to us?
      Are journalists really that frightening?
      Eliza, please add ur blog link here 🙂

  3. Loved it… and since i’m your partner in crime in some of those instances i can really associate with the anxiety of our spectators… ! When u discover that secret combo, let me in on it!

  4. haha very nice.

  5. Great insight about a Day in the Life of a struggling journalist :-)….you are on the right track…

  6. i loved this idea of presentation .well done c ur learning

  7. lol..good one C!!

  8. Loved it 🙂
    great flow of words

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