Rihanna pulls a houdini!

Photo- Stefanie Soehnchen

Rihanna at Westfield

“Rihanna’s coming to the mall! Today! We get to see her in person!” My eager classmate told me in class today.

International singing sensation Rihanna was going to switch on the Christmas lights at Westfield, one of London’s biggest malls and I was close enough to go see her.

After a grueling day of class, an hour’s ride on the train and pushing our way through thousands of fans, we finally reached. We fought with security guards, pleading them to let us get closer to the stage as we were ‘journalists’. (We failed!)

We watched as people gave all the excuses they could think of to get closer to her “I have a little child with me”, “Couldn’t you let us go into the disabled section? Just me?” (The disabled section ironically enough consisted of maybe 10 disabled individuals and very conveniently all their able bodied family members)

Photo- Stefanie Soehnchen

Rihanna at Westfield2

With bated breath we waited, waited and waited some more. To her credit, she appeared just five minutes later than scheduled.

Her shiny new red hair (extensions? She had a dark bob only a few months ago) gleamed in the sparkling lights and the crowd erupted in cheers that nearly deafened me.

She switched on the ‘Christmas lights’ and then we waited.

Waited for her to break into song along with thousands of other excited spectators. We did hear her sing. Except it was only a recording.

I have never felt so cheated in my life!

This was the first time I have seen a celebrity on a promotion tour (Her latest album releases soon!) and isn’t a part of ‘promotion’ to actually promote your latest offering, by perhaps showing of your, er ‘singing’ abilities rather than just batting your eyelashes prettily at the presenter and disappearing?

Celebrities become celebrities because of their fans. Once the public doesn’t want you anymore, you are nowhere.

I didn’t feel like a fan today, I felt like a voyeur or a stalker..pushing and shoving to simply have a glimpse of famous person rather than a fan waiting to hear a singer sing. Celebrities shouldn’t take advantage of fans like this; one song would’ve satisfied the waiting fans.

She came, we saw but she definitely didn’t conquer.

Photos- Stefanie Soehnchen

Watch the video we took – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfCeEI8adM8

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  1. It was ridiculous. I cant imagine why we let ourselves be jostled by the crowd in the tube only to have nothing to be really glad about!

  2. i hope the HP premier is better. and JM would never mouth along to a recording.

  3. Hehe. I like how you think John Mayer would be better.
    We honestly expected her to do more than switch on lights and advertise her new look. For someone who has never seen this level of excitement about a celebrity, in real life i could only imagine hw dissapointed her fans were feeling. People had queued there for ages!

    And, agreed. Singing just one song wouldn’t have killed her. It’s not Rihanna that people are fans of. It’s her songs that they like.
    Her presence in no way creates excitement among her fans. It’s the idea of seeing her perform live that gets them pumped up.
    If she can’t perform one song for her fans, it’s just plain sad.

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