Miss Bean- Starring Chandni Sehgal

Everyone that has seen Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean thinks he’s a funny man but everyone thinks his misadventures seem a little too over the top to be true.

I beg to differ. I came to university two months ago after having lived my entire life at home. Since then I’ve been in a few bean-ish situations more than once.

I was born, bred in Mumbai city and enjoyed the perks of having a lot of normal, everyday things done for me.. like my laundry and my morning tea, which someone always made for me or I bought in a plastic cup at a coffee shop.

The time had come for a change, I now live alone in university dorms.

Which means if I need a cup of tea, I make it myself. So my room has a kettle. It also has a very sensitive fire alarm so the first time I made tea; I made sure I switched the kettle off before the fire alarm could detect anything. I also made sure I didn’t get tea. What I got was an odd combination of milk without water pooled at the top and the two, definitely hadn’t mixed.

While having a shower, I slathered body lotion all over my hair mistaking it to be conditioner. The tiny bathroom and hot showered had definitely fogged my vision.

From liquids we move to solids. Oranges. I tried to peel one. Then I tried to cut it. It didn’t relent. It was me against the orange. Ultimately like a creature from a cannibal movie I bit into the skin, sucking out all the juice I could. Spraying my carpeted floor in the bargain.

Next, defrosting. It is not as easy as it looks and on more than one occasion I have waited patiently for my pizza to bake in the oven only to realize 20 minutes later, I hadn’t actually turned the oven on. I have  managed to burn myself from the darn oven in the process of wrestling the pizza out of it. Twice.

I have scars from cutting myself with knives, burning myself with the oven and hand washing clothes that I spilt food on .I wear them proudly as they signify I have survived. I lived.

College is all about learning, from education to knowledge it’s been giving me a little of everything. Who knows, maybe next week I’ll progress to actually making omelets.

One step at a time.

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  1. hi,

    This was a nice read, took me back in time when I ventured out in the world on my own some 14 years ago..never mind the small goof ups, they will bethe most treasured memories over the years..

    Welcome to the world

  2. dont u worry hon… i’m the master of this area… you would know1 Nice read!

  3. that was fun to read! and who cuts oranges anyway?

    • chandni sehgal.. although i always assumed she was smarter than that

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