Mums the word!

Sometimes you love her. Sometimes you hate her. But there can never be a time in your life when you can ignore your mother.

Mothers and daughters have peculiar relationships, babies depend on mums for their survival, as little girls they look up to them and teenage rebels think their mums are the enemy.

“I hate you! You don’t understand me! Leave me alone.” I’ve said that to my mum a 1000 times in my lifetime and I think all women have.

We expect our mothers to understand us because we know they’ve been young girls too, the kind who made the same mistakes that we want to make and did the same crazy things they don’t want us to do.

I haven’t had a perfect relationship with my mother, we’ve screamed, we’ve cried and I have even wanted to leave home just to get away from her.

Today, I’m 21 years old and she is 44 but when we go shopping I’m the one that tells her what looks good on her and what to buy.

If I show up drunk at home, she will not rebuke me for being an irresponsible child. Instead she will sit next to me and hold my hair up while I throw up.

It’s because at this age she understands that I am an independent woman and need to make my own mistakes. I cannot learn by listening to what I shouldn’t do, I can learn by going out and living life.

She listens when I complain about my life, my boyfriend, my weight. She makes me feel better when I’m sick. Then comes the best part, she begins to see me not just as her daughter but the person she can turn to when she really needs someone.

This is when life comes full circle. Daughters start their lives as dependants in their mother’s wombs and by the time they are all grown up, they form a co- dependant relationship with each other.

My mother has given me the confidence to be who I am and support the people that I love. I only hope that that one day I can be exactly the woman that she is because in my eyes she’s a hero.


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  1. hey nice one on mums..well indeed they r very special, but with my experience of fatherhood i can say daughters n dads share a special relationship..but well the cases might be different..

  2. This is straight from the heart. Way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  3. loved it very nice and so true

  4. a very well written piece of truth, all shud read it, all teenage girls. however it is not always that u have mothers u can look upon

  5. Chandni, very well written. I was emotional touched with your article. Keep it up.

  6. wonderfully written. No one can take her place.

  7. Loved your article… so true…

  8. I loved it chandni 🙂
    Some of your topics are somehow related to me or maybe my present situations 🙂

    • Thank you Megha
      So glad you actually read 🙂

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