Fight sexual assault!

Do you remember his eyes travel the length of your body? Up and down…up and down…as though with every blink he has taken off one more layer of your clothing…

The stench of his breath as he inched closer to you in the darkened street… his grimy hands inching toward whatever part of your body he could reach.  Screaming, you wake up… Sweat trickles down your scared faced as you relive the memories that scarred you forever…

Sexual abuse and assault crimes are rampant the world over in developing as well as developed nations. At the university of Westminster, London an educated young boy points and jeers at a women’s backside and doesn’t think twice about it.

When men look at me filthily, I have the most wonderfully graphic images of me leaping at them with a flying kick and pummeling them till they are crossed-eyes, A la Lara Croft. Alas, my vivid imagination is restrained and all I do is give them the dirtiest look that I can muster. This is the first mistake.

Most women feel like they should just walk away from abuse because they are not strong enough to fight it. When we walk away we give them the signal that we are too weak to fight them off and invite even worse crimes.

Today it is no longer about men assaulting women,

It has moved on to women-men sexual assault cases as well as men-men one’s most of which go unreported because of the shame associated with them.

There are a million reasons for people behaving like unrestrained pigs, emotional, psychological or the fact that they are just perverted and medieval but none of them justify the crimes they result in.

I call myself literate, educated and strong. I trust I stand up for the things that I believe in. Yet the last time I caught a man staring at me inappropriately, I walked away with my head hung…in spite of the fact that the culprit in the picture was most definitely him.

In bearing it, we have given impetus to the all the rapists and criminals of the world.

Lets pledge to teach every offender a lesson, lets pledge to save ourselves…whether he’s just looking at you…. seemingly harmlessly or is dangerously close, take action…cause if you don’t, no one else will. It starts from you…and ends at you.


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  1. We are in some way encouraging such behaviour when we dont react. Possibly if we do, some of these creeps won’t have the guts to try it with some other person. \amen to your post

  2. i likw how u ended it channi..:)

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