Survival or Success. Your choice.

We’re all running. I’m running to catch up with my life. We all have places to go to and we all want to get there quickly.

I want to be a journalist and to that end I came to university, I wake up at 6 am so that I can prepare myself for the long day that’s ahead of me.

Every fallen grade is like an arrow in the heart and is analysed like it’s the drug that could cure a common cold. Every assignment brings tremors and panic attacks.

This stress coupled with the food that student lifestyle makes sure you eat, only increases chances of an early heart attack.

A lawyer works 12 hours a day and maybe even 4 in the night. A doctor who saves lives for a living definitely wants to be better than the next guy which is why the concept of “Best in the field exists”.

What are we all doing it for? According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs food, shelter and sex is all we need to survive.

In today’s rat race of the world Maslow’s hierarchy has been blown to pieces replaced by 2 tiers – survival and success. You have individuals who are simply satisfied with the fact that they can subsist.

The bare necessities are all they need.

Then you have the likes of us, who push ourselves beyond normal limits. To reach the top and make sure we’re the only one’s there.

The thought “We’re going nowhere and we’re getting there fast” intrigues me. We all start of the same way, as babies and end up dead but what makes us different from each other is our achievements.

How possible is it to maintain your integrity and humanity when you are constantly in the race to outdo someone else?

Yes, I maybe happy when a colleague does well but the niggling thought of “ I could’ve done that” is there.

Even if it is not the top most thought in your mind or you’d naively like to believe it’s not about who wins or who is more successful… Self-actualization is no longer the highest motivation for human beings; it is the need to succeed.

If there’s a success, there’s always a failure. How many people have you trampled on to get where you are?


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  1. sometimes you wonder why yu are doing it… ultimately we all die and we cant possibly take whatever we have accumulated over the years… but i guess you can leave a little bit of yourself behind with what you have accomplished over the ages.

  2. Thought Provoking article…Nice!

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