Quickie Marriages & Media frenzy!

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Prince William is now engaged to Kate Middleton,his girlfriend of eight years. You heard it here first.

No, you really didn’t. You already know because the media is in a frenzy; there are breaking news reports, website updates, special news reports and tweets.

When celebrities get involved with someone new or each other the media latches on to the story and wants to get all the sordid details.

When it comes to marriage and unions, how much relevance should be given to these stories? In today’s fast paced world what lasts longer than a marriage is a divorce settlement.

The Celebrity Break up is a bigger story. It’s juicy. It tends to be dramatic and adds shock value. When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up the world was divided into I support Jen and I support Angie groups.

Why do any of us really care? I think we’re kind of like voyeurs, as we love seeing things we’re not supposed to and a celebrity is untouchable and for many, idolised.

When you see them fall apart after a break up it’s almost like the illusion shatters and all you see are grieving human beings. You feel like you can understand them and feel closer to them. In this culture of easy come, easy go where really has the sanctity of marriage gone?

If all we have to look up to are marriages going bust ,one-night stands and extra marital affairs what is the hope for the next generation?

It is unfair to blame celebrity break ups and the media coverage of the same for increasing divorce rates but it does have an impact on people. When someone you looked up to cheats or breaks up, you feel somewhat justified when you do the same.

Today we live in a culture of meet, fall in love, marry, have a few problems, divorce. ‘Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health” is almost a fairytale that grown up’s tell children from the “good old days.”

The tolerance level of people is decreasing, we don’t compromise any more and the situation is only worsened when public figures that we respect and idolise treat the same union of marriage as a joke.

Today relationships are like shopping, you pick someone you think you like, spend some time with them and if they get too difficult to deal you don’t work on them or yourself; you simply dismiss them.. Like a new dress that you wore, and when it got tight; you didn’t make an effort to lose weight and sadly but easily sent it back to the shop.

Disclaimer – I truly believe there are still many marriages out there that have stood the test of time and that many people are still happily in love.This is just a comment on a rising and disturbing trend I have noticed.

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  1. Its funny how the break up makes more news than the marriages… we know for insyance that Elizabeth taylor married and divorced some 7 times but we never pay attention to Paul newman and his wife who stayed together for some 50 odd years….

  2. So true Chandni. Thanks for the nice write-up hopefully people will start realizing that its all about media ratings.

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