Social disconnection

“Take a good photo, I need a new facebook display picture.”

If you haven’t heard someone say that recently you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Facebook. Orkut. Hi5 are a few among many social networking sites that have taken over the Internet today.

Social networking sites are the new “place to be” and have been for the last couple of years and are only gaining popularity, with sites like facebook devising instant messaging services across all platforms making communication even easier.

The sites are meant to helps us keep in touch with people miles away from us and help us network, by making new friends and contacts.

There is more to it than just that, as today these sites are a phenomenon.

Youngsters judge themselves on how many friends they have online and the number of photographs they post.

Everyone is swept up in the chain activities and groups that these sites provide.One that is going on right now says everyone must change their profile photograph to a cartoon character from their childhood.

It might sound funny but its amazing the number of the people that have actually latched on to the trend. The sites make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself, with their virtual forums and causes.

How wise is it however to let something virtual dictate what we do with our lives? It is no longer just about networking; it’s about “net”worth.

Impressionable teenagers judge their popularity by the number of friends they have online and virtual bullying is traumatic.

A case is Megan from Missouri, made a new male friend on My space thinking it was a new boy from school when it was a group of classmates pulling a prank on her. Sadly this trauma forced the thirteen year old to commit suicide.

It also takes away the human element from our lives, instead of making an effort to go out and meet someone we just send them a facebook message and think its more than enough.

The problem with us today is our dependence on technology and its easy availability and use. It is a boon as it makes our lives easier, how else could we hope to talk to someone 5000 miles away from us instantly?  Before facebook and msn, there was no hope.

The sad truth is, it we no longer use technology as just a means to stay in touch, we use it as a replacement to actually being in touch.

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  1. good one,after i felt short charged in the wedding one this one comes with a bang..i am no one to say anything on social networking for m at none of the three platforms you mentioned. But what i feel is that this virtual reality has reduced effeciency for sure. At most workplaces FB consumes more time thn actual work.

    so use it with caution.

  2. So true. Also very sad that kids take this so seriously.

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