Camden Market

Camden Stalls market

Pebbled floors, shops selling burlesque and alternative fashion and lanes so tiny they’re almost alleyways.

The moment you walk into the lanes of the Camden stables market, you can literally be whoever you want to be. London is left far behind as you make your way into a world that is enchanting and a little bit dangerous.

The 700 odd stalls and shops are bright and inviting.

The street has a alternate universe feel to it and walking in, you feel like you’re back in one of the markets from the middle ages, with ornate horse statues and fountains an integral part of the architecture.

Women have a lot to choose from with haute couture shops. For the slightly daring woman, you have the burlesque shops that provide you with a wide variety of items that are both sexy and glamorous.

Those into Goth fashion will find a large collection of gothic and trendy items and Vintage fashion lovers have their pick with a number of small shops that have a large amount of clothes and accessories.

Rock n Roll and punk inspired clothing and accessories along with leather goods, antiques, brick-a-bracks, music equipment, second hand books and records are available in abundance.

Camden doesn’t restrict itself to UK products.

A number of stalls selling African jewelry, Irish jewelry, Tibetan- Nepali handicrafts as well as Indian items exist. This means Camden is not just for the London tourist but also for locals who want to get a taste of other cultures.

The best part about it is you can bargain and get items reasonably priced.

The food sellers try and entice you with fancy food on toothpicks which you can then carry to cute little area’s with benches and umbrella’s, meaning you can enjoy your food even while it rains.

While I do agree that Camden is a shopper’s paradise what makes it intriguing its ambience.

Sheesha parlours are scattered all over the place, the smoke lending a dangerous aura to the colorful lanes while Bob Marley belts out his “No woman no cry” on loudspeakers.

Rumours abound that drug peddlers peddle their goods (illegally of course) in the market and that makes you even more on the guard as you walk along the narrow lanes.

Storeowners come at you with an almost feverish excitement hoping that you enter their stores.

One should visit Camden not just for the shopping but for the entire package that it offers; an experience that is likely to be exciting and unforgettable.

Scene at the market

Fashion for women


Horse tunnel market


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  1. interesting makes me want to visit camden

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