Healthy Vs Thin

Can you pick the perfect size?

You can try as hard as you want to pick the perfect size from the above images but in all probability you can’t decide.

If you do try and decide, you might pick the thinnest or the one that fits the common ideal statistic of ’36 -24-36’ measurements. The reason we do this is because the media has been instrumental in reinforcing the idea of a perfect figure.

Being fair, the media is a reflection of popular culture and society. They give emphasis to what people believe in but giving emphasis to ‘thin’ has had dire consequences.

I wanted to include a slightly heavier friend in the photograph but she refused because she felt she wasn’t as ‘thin’ as the others.  Who decided that thin is beautiful?

Trends keep changing, there have been times in history when well-rounded women were considered ideal and at times, even waif thin has been considered beautiful.

In the 21st century however, we largely define thin as beautiful and because of this, women who are curvier have low self-esteem issues.

“I am sorry ma’am these pants don’t come in a size larger than a 30 inch waist”. “I will never go with a girl who weighs more than I do!”  I have heard statements like these many times and so have a lot of women.

They affect us mentally and many people fall into unhealthy cycles of not eating (Anorexia) or simply eating and then purging (Bulimia).

Portia De Rossi is among many celebrities and thousands of women who suffered from eating disorders.

She said the media emphasis on being thin pushed her over the edge. Princess Diana, Sharon Osborne and Oprah Winfrey are a few who suffered the same.

Sadly enough, while girls want to look young and beautiful they choose the wrong women to emulate and the worst ways to go about it.

A woman maybe smart, educated and confident about her skills…but if she’s slightly over weight it deals a blow to her entire self confidence and she joins the list of the irrational women who’d go to any lengths to look ‘perfect’.

The media lauds women who are thin and when a celebrity puts on a bit of weight her photographs are ridiculed and reasons for her weight gain are discussed on public forums.

It is a dangerous trend, which is catching on even to men, as the number of men being diagnosed as having eating disorders is gradually increasing.

I think real women have curves and that beauty cannot be defined by the shape of your body. Always remember a perfect body isn’t one that is necessarily perfectly healthy and it’s more important to be healthy, than thin.

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  1. Love it – great piece of work. 🙂

  2. I absolutely agree… I know that i curse myself everyday for the way i look… n its not just me.. i know everyone of my friends is paranoid about the weight issue… its pretty serious too…

  3. Yes, and don’t forget that if you become “perfectly thin” you can say goodbye to shopping as regular shops often don’t have “skinny sizes”. And it becomes pain in the waist to find smth that fits you and is not in the kids section.

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