Open relationships deconstructed

Just today, I found out that an acquaintance got a little tipsy at a party and “hooked” up with a stranger. In the 21st century, that is not unusual but it was because he had a girlfriend.

What I didn’t know was that he was in an Open relationship. This means you have a steady romantic life partner but you also get the chance to jump in bed with any one that you want and you have your partner’s approval.

No, I’m not describing a philanderer’s perfect relationship nor is it a plot of a movie, it’s a new relationship trend.

According to Love gurus and websites, an open relationship is one where you sort of have your cake and eat it too, a phrase that I don’t really understand because if you have cake its meant to be eaten so what else is there to do with it?

If you’re in a relationship with one person, that should be cake enough but those in open relationships keep their sexual and romantic options open having one primary partner and numerous secondary one’s.

The male perspective, “Its fun sounding that you can have a girl for keeps and you can jump in the sack with any other chick as well.”

I agree that when you first start seeing someone, having an open relationship is a viable option because you don’t know how serious you are about them but as times goes on, either you’re fully committed or you’re out.

Stefanie Soenchen, a 23 yr old in a committed relationship points out, “I always think that jealousy is to a certain extent is a sign that you actually care for a person and if you’re willing to share that person with somebody else you cannot love that person. “

There are dozens of rules for open relationships

You must be honest with your partner, not get emotionally involved with someone else and many others but how feasible it is to follow through remains to be seen.

Sometimes, couples who have been together for a long time want to experiment but according to Ramya Menon a 23yr old journalist, “I think if they are desperate enough to try that, they should just call it off.

My anonymous male source says, “ It sounds fun initially but no one in their right mind would want to downgrade a relationship as everyone eventually wants a long term committed one.

Open relationships may sound like the perfect way to start of a relationship or spice up an old one but in my opinion, only someone who has cut off from his or her emotions can successfully carry out one.

Jealousy and insecurity are very common in human beings and we all want to be somebody’s “the one”. I see no reason to sell ourselves short and compromise and be in an open relationship just so you can have an occasional romp in the sack with someone else.

If you truly love some one, they are more than enough for you.

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  1. I think its people who dont know what they really want that are in these sort of relatiionships.
    Love ur peice!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Never understood such “relationships”.

  3. well written piece .an open realationship is not even an option if you truly care for someone

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