Inside Aladdin’s cave

People looking for their stolen jewellry

A row of plasma television sets, an array of mobile phones, computers and a sparkling display of jewellry.

It really was like being inside a modern version of Aladdin’s cave except in this case, his cave was open to the public and they could claim what they thought was theirs.

What I’m talking about is an event organized by the Metropolitan police of London together with Brent council (the council in charge of an area, Brent in London) called Aladdin’s cave.

All items that had been stolen in the past 10 months and had been recovered were put on display for residents of the area to view and claim as their own.

Before any would be criminals get ideas and decide to head down to one of these, be warned that the police know everything.

“Well essentially we’re trying to restore property that’s been recovered by ourselves to its rightful owner. Its very difficult sometimes because unless its got a serial number that’s unique to that particular item of property and unless its recorded on our crime record its very difficult to hand it of to the owner.” – Detective Robert Arrowsmith

They offered crime prevention advice to residents and allowed them to register all their present belongings into the police system.

Special UV pens with invisible ink that could only be seen through UV rays were given out to residents making it easier for them to mark and identify their belongings if ever lost.

A stall set up by Victim support, an organization that offers help, advice and counsel to victims of theft was at the event along with Brent Anti Social behaviour team, that helps the police deal with crime.

This initiative is commendable and attracted a crowd of more than 350 people.

It reunited a little boy with his play station, among other satisfied people .I personally have never been to an event like this before.

If only police all over were as creative and concerned about the people they had to look after, the world would be a better place.

It’s idealistic to hope for that but events like these are a breath of fresh air, when all we ever hear on the news is about crime and tragedy. They shows us that there is life after crime, you may be reunited with things that you lost and there are a host of people to help you prevent and deal with mishaps.

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