Dan Mu, the life long learner


Dan Mu,lost in thought

Travel journalist, granddaughter of a famous Chinese journalist, fashion model and nomad. The hat that Dan Mu wears the most comfortably is the one of being a life long learner.

This Chinese native who calls herself Audrey realised she wanted to be a journalist when was very young. Her large dark grey eyes mirror the curiosity that is one of her defining traits.  “At the age of 9, I asked a lot of questions. I liked to find out what was happening and I found out I wanted to be the first to know things”

Her parents, engineers for the Chinese government moved around a lot and she with them. Funnily enough, after graduating University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism she got a job with a travel channel in China.

She says,” Sad thing is I never had long term friends because I was always moving. On the bright side it made me flexible, easy going and I never have trouble sleeping in a new place!”

Work and what it taught her

She worked with CNN as a news assistant and witnessed the massive earthquake in China. On the scene she realised being a journalist let’s her discover things as well as help vulnerable people.

Disaster reporting is traumatic for most but this 25 year old seems only to see the silver lining as she says people who are in pain want to express themselves and journalists can be the psychologists on the scene that help them.

With her job as travel reporter with Travel China, she discovered 50 new places in China, as well as all over the world. Italy is her favourite, for its beautiful architecture, people and food!

A new direction

She let go of all of this, to study her Masters in the University of Westminster in London. Her favourite part of Europe, is the architecture that is hundreds of years old while in China there is no history, everything is new.

Her passion for learning new things is supported by her family. She says they have always indulged her and pushed her to do things that make her happy.

If not a broadcast journalist? “I would be a model; I like to talk to the camera. Every year I make my family do a photo shoot so I can capture memories. I am not afraid of the camera, when it’s in front of me I express myself freely.”

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