PMSing? Try Prozac

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It’s that time of the month again. Women all over the world at one point in the month act almost crazy, they have mood swings and nobody knows what triggers them off.

Men, don’t be shy and run away from this. This could be a likely solution to your problems on days your girlfriend, wife ,sister or mother are acting unbearable. You can actually offer them a solution instead of thinking up ways to kill them.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham believe they have found the magical formula that could make the stressful days before a woman’s monthly period a thing of the past.

The answer is Prozac.

The anti depressant has been used on laboratory rats and it apparently proves that a small dose of Prozac could drive away Premenstrual syndrome blues. The researchers now want to start a clinical trial to really check the effects on human beings.

The researchers go on to say they would like to help the millions of women and their partners that suffer from this monthly problem.

Sorry for being a party pooper but what the heck?

There are some women who have intense pain during their period and for them there exist painkillers. Some suffer from intense mood swings for two-three days before it comes along but I don’t believe the answer to the problem is popping in anti depressant pills, no matter how small the amount.

PMS can sometimes be a serious impediment in living a normal life but it can be checked with changing your lifestyle and eating healthier. According to some doctors, Prozac should be used as a last resort.

Also, many men are moody and irritable all days of the year does that mean a pill should be invented that keeps their mood swings under control?

Woman deal with their period and accompanying problems from the moment they hit puberty and I strongly believe the feminine race is built to bear much more than the supposed “stronger” sex. All the women I talked to, agreed with me.

As a woman, I feel I am perfectly at easing dealing with a few days of mood swings rather than resorting to popping pills to ease a temporary problem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and after more than eight years of dealing with my own mood swings and those of other’s around me, I know when to expect them, what they mean and how to deal with them.

Prozac, I don’t need you!

*I’m very interested in what the rest of you women and men have to say about this finding. Please comment and let me know 🙂

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