Brand “value”

Brand value

Often we salivate over what fabulously wealthy celebrities are wearing or carrying. Then we realise the closest we’ll ever get to them is in a photograph.

Burberry. Hugo Boss. Roberto Cavalli and many more. All selling their merchandise at a 50 to 80 percent discounted price.

This is not a dream sequence, which you have to unfortunately wake up from, it’s a reality and its situated about two hours away from central London.

Bicester village, a small pretty village located in Oxfordshire, is an easy train ride away from London and once you’re there dozens of high profile shops are at your disposal at Bicester outlet shopping center.

It isn’t a typical mall, it’s a street with cobbled floors and little shops all over the lanes and bylanes. It has an old world charm about it making the experience even better.

It is literally a haven for those aspiring to get big brands at cheaper rates.

“Its definitely worth the travel and the money, not only is it a shoppers paradise, its beautiful. Perfect for a day of fun!”- Ramya Menon

You may wonder why everything here is so much cheaper but many shops have “no tax” signs plastered all over them. The goods are probably last season but when you’re buying something that’s branded, it lasts you forever so all in all it’s a pretty good deal.

Then we come to celebrity aspirational value.

Public figures become fashion icons for many people, we want what they wear and we want to live the way they do. It has shops selling clothes, lingerie, jewelry, electronics,  shoes  and accessories

An outlet mall like this gives those people the opportunity to live like their favorite celebrity. You have something that connects you to them and a good buy makes a shopper really happy.

It’s perfectly possible for one to buy a Burberry bag in the 100 pound range or even a watch from Guess for the same amount.

You won’t get the service you get in an actual store, the merchandise may not be as prettily arranged and you have to dig deep and look hard but once you find something, it’s a real bargain.

I asked a visitor why she came all the way to Bicester and she said,” One in a while the travel is worth it because coming here having the opportunity to get goods at such a discounted price makes the celebrity lifestyle more attainable.” – Nimmy Chowdhary.

Christmas is around the corner and this place is perfect for a gift to make someone smile. What makes it even better is that more 130 brands have shops here which have at least a 60 percent discount all year round.


Opening times-

Mon- fri – 10 am-8pm

Saturday- 9 am-8pm

Sunday- 12 pm- 6pm

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