Reuters, reputed for a reason

They’re out to sensationalise. They want to make money. They have gotten too commercial. The news is not even news, its just rubbish. I’ve heard about every bad thing that can be said about the functioning of media today.

Considering I want a career in journalism, these opinions do not make me happy. Then, small things happen which end up leaving a big impact on you.

Reuters. It’s a word that we’ve seen all over the world in written news reports, on television news and now even online. For an aspiring journalist a chance to visit a Reuters office is almost like a holy visit to a sacred place.

Thomson Reuters, London was everything we had imagined it to be. A heavily organised environment,hushed offices, carpeted floors and fancy equipment all over the place.Shockingly even in the busiest newsroom a certain sense of serenity existed.

What stood out in the midst of our introduction to the organisation’s history, functioning and future was something they called the “book of rememberance”.

The “book” was actually three large books with each page dedicated to those Reuters journalists who had lost their lives in the service of the company

Each day a different page is kept open as a tribute to each one of these souls. The media does have a heart, while talking about their fallen colleagues the employees couldnt help but show their sadness.

While it is one of the largest news agencies in the world and probably very profit making this show us they still have a heart. The organisation can be called one of the most neutral one’s as it even disallows the use of the word “terrorists” in their reporting.

I’ve read Reuters reports many times and never once heard about a book of rememberance.Visitors are only allowed once a year and even then, who would remember a book like this?

Cynics might say it’s just another tactic but it ¬†gives me hope. All journalists are not money making machines that have given up ¬†their integrity in the pursuit of success.

Many of them are doing it for the joy that the profession gives them in spite of the danger associated with it. And organisations definitely take notice of their devotion.

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