Beatle mania continues in 2011

Fans on the Abbey road crossing

Fans on the Abbey road crossing -captured by the live cam

A woman crosses the road at the zebra crossing as carefully and as slowly as she can. Then she repeats the exercise at least 5 times.

If you see her from one side you’d wonder if she was crazy. On the other side however you see a woman clicking her photographs as she walks on one of the most iconic roads in the world. Abbey road.

Abbey road is just as the name suggests. It is just a quaint street with a zebra crossing.

Really nothing exceptional about it except for the little fact that the Beatles walked on this very road and created an iconic album cover.

Even on a grey Friday afternoon, the street is filled with wannabe Beatles, fans from across the world who attempt to recreate that image where the four band members walk coolly across the road.

Some are barefooted; others carry cigarettes just like Paul McCartney while some even go so far as to wear full white suits in an attempt to channel the late John Lennon.

The best part is abbey road studios have a live web cam attached to the street that captures these fans as they try and recreate that image. The worst part though is that there is no signal at the crossing.

Fuming motorists have to sometimes screech their cars to a halt as fans try to stop in the middle of the road to get the perfect picture. Even though the crossing was given *grade II listed status for its “cultural and historical importance” no measures have been taken to give fans a little space to enjoy it.

I love the place. There’s just something about music that makes me happy. There’s music for every mood. For when you want to dance, to mope, to love or to laugh. The Beatles have rescued me more than one time.

There is no better place to enjoy their music more than in the place they created something special. They’ve given me hope, happiness and a high through their songs.

And more than 40 years later, in a quiet London street the Beatle mania continues.

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