‘Coverlook photoshoot’ at Elite studios

Free, free, free! I have to admit when I, like most people hear this word I have one of two reactions. Yes, I’l do it/I want it or er, this can’t be for real.

Next time this word is thrown around in a conversation, I’m going to think long and hard before I respond  no matter how exciting the prospect seems. The reason?

The ‘coverlook experience’ by Elite photo studios. I got a call from Elite photo studios one day asking me if I wanted to take part in a ‘promotional photoshoot.’ First reaction: No.

Then my friend did make an appointment with them and asked me to go along with her for a day of free pampering. They promised professional hairstyling, a makeover, session with a photographer and one free photograph. It sounded tempting and I had an enthusiastic friend for company so I agreed.

One fine thursday morning, with four dresses changes, hair freshly washed and faces scrubbed free of make up we went over to the studio, very fancily located near Oxford street.My friend had paid a deposit of 70 pounds for both of us. It was disaster averted when we found that the studio was real, legitimate and had people walking around inside.

The first thing we were asked to do was fill in a sheet giving names of ten of our friends so they could get an opportunity to be a part of this experience and we did this gladly under the allure of a free goody bag. (Which never came!) An hour later, we had been made up by extremely professional artists and we were ready to walk the ramp, anywhere. At least thats how beautiful we felt.

Three hours of posing for a woman who used us as the sounding board for her life’s problem’s and contouring my body into more shapes than a pretzel, I was just about ready for my one free photograph.

Thats when the mini-bomb fell. Between the two of us we only got one photograph. This one photograph being ‘promotional’ and ‘free’ can be best used as a passport sized one. Albeit a very glamorous passport sized photograph.

If you want to purchase any of these photographs they costs 75 pounds each and the more you buy, the cheaper they become and since we were students they were kind enough to extend us the courtesy of paying in installments.

All in all,  to me it was a disappointment. I spent four hours in the place and I didn’t even have a single photograph to show for it. Not even a passport sized one. So the next time you get offered something free, think about it once, twice or even three times !

Click here for Stefanie Soehnchen’s coverlook experience.

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