Regret is a four letter word.

We all have a long list of things that we regret. It’s of many types; we either regret not doing or saying something or regret the fact that we did do it. Anybody who claims to breeze through life without having felt this emotion is either lying or has attained nirvana.

Regret is that nauseous feeling that threatens to overwhelm you after you eat way too many sugary treats or when you realize that guy you were with last night, doesn’t look half as good in the daylight or understand big words. Thats when you feel regret but think f**k.

What ties all sorts of regret together is the fact that no matter how much we try, how hard we work what’s done is done and cannot be reversed. Sometimes you let go of a good thing only to realize too late what it could’ve meant in your life and sometimes you’re too late in preventing something that shouldn’t have gone on for that long anyway.

Most importantly, rarely does regret involve only you, it affects and is bolstered by other people and that is why don’t selfishly try and assuage your guilt by trying to compensate for what you’ve done. Once the time has passed, stick to your decision and live by it because justifications mean nothing.That’s why they say life is so long, it takes a split second to make the wrong choice but forever to live it down.

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