Heartbreak, Heartache

I’m not the first person who has ever written about it and I will definitely not be the last but if you’ve felt it, and I know you have… read on.

We’re all living in a world where people run from and to each other. We fight, we cry, we’re mean and then we collide. Because we need to feel something. We’re all doing everything that we do because we need to feel like we’re alive and the only thing that can make you feel it is the sense, the touch and the warmth of another human being.

In this pursuit of life, we hit roadblocks… just like the physical injuries on a sports field, our hearts get hurt, they get broken, they ache and then one day, you’re mended. No, chocolate and ice cream don’t really act like the medicine that could heal that little crack that feels so physically real, nor does drinking or whining with your oh-so-sympathetic friends. But, they definitely don’t hurt!

The road to being fixed is a long and arduous one. And best taken alone because no one will ever understand what you’re feeling better than you do. But we can be reassured in the fact that there are millions of people, since the dawn of time and till the very end of it, that have and will feel the pain of a broken heart and survive.

Nothing teaches you quite how to love like having truly done it, at least once. So heartbreak? Its nothing but life telling you, this was just your first run… next time you’ll be much better and that’s why I’m going to sign off with what the greatest poets of our time put so simply “Love, Love me do…”

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