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Memories aren’t special because of what happened during them, but rather because of the people that make them with us. There’s a lot to be said for bonds that link you, transcending borders and years. These links are the one’s that mark your life, kind of like the lines on your palm.

Sometimes, there are no explanations as to why you’re drawn to someone without reason or logic. Why, in spite of fights, time and space coming in the way you still turn to only them in times of need. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve known them for eons and they are here to continue a relationship from a past time. and often, we trust them and love them against our better judgement, and that’s when they show us their loyalty.

A few people have played strange roles in my life -sometimes I’ve run from them, very often I’ve missed them but above and beyond all of this, I’ve always gone back to them. Family, you’re kind of forced to live but these people you love because of and in spite of what they bring to your life.

Once you’ve felt the strength of these bonds, that seem bigger than yourself you cannot settle for the superficial. Thank you to those who have been there for me, tolerated my nonsense and loved me even though you didn’t need to – this is for the original skinny, Big B, my chinki eyes, my co-cougar, meredith from a few seasons ago, the other skinny and the one that calls me lil one.

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