Avengers for dummies

If everyone around you has jumped on The Avengers bandwagon and you feel a little left out, this list should help you catch on right away

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 The Good Guys

Ironman – self proclaimed “genius, billionaire, playboy’” With an armour/suit of his own invention as his weapon, he’s possibly the most conceited superhero of them all. But he has got style and snappy comebacks on his side. Played with flawless panache by Robert freakingawesome Downey Jr.

Captain America – a war veteran kept alive, but unconscious for over 60 years he’s orthodox, selfless and I have to say this – a little bit boring. Chris Evan brings this staid, good man to life.

Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff- essayed by the girl with the unreal curves, Scarlet Johansson. She is the super spy/assassin who knows how to get the job done – kicking, punching and smashing her way through things. And she does it all looking like a sexpot. That’s right.

Hawkeye – human, master archer who never misses his aim. And with tranquilizer-dipped arrows, he’s sorted. Portrayed by Jeremy Renner

Thor – only a demi god could have perfect unruffled blonde locks after being dropped from the Heavens and that’s exactly what he is. The Norse god of Thunder( played by Chris Helmsworth) joins the motley crew to get his brother God of Mischief, Loki in line.

The Hulk/Bruce Banner – that mild mannered doctor who thanks to prolonged exposure to Gamma rays turns into a hulking green monster who is virtually indestructible.  Played by Mark Ruffalo

Nick Fury – Director of espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D, the core of the group without actually being in it, is your atypical man in charge – solid, makes all the difficult decisions and kicks ass when need be. Comes alive thanks to Samuel L. Jackson.

The Bad Guys

Loki – a.k.a adopted brother of Thor, God of Mischief and all round mayhem creater. On earth to take it over – of course. He uses the Teserract (an explosive source of energy) to open the portal to a realm, allowing dark alien creatures to enter earth (specifically New York) and attack, in his bid to gain control.

The binding factor

 The Tesseract – the storyline is woven around this source of this energy that basically everyone is trying to get their hands on.

The characters are iconic Marvel legends and fans don’t feel shortchanged by my descriptions, it’s all in good faith! For those who’re meeting them for the first time (what rock you been hiding under?), sit back and enjoy the ride – it is first class.


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