Heartbreak, Heartache

I’m not the first person who has ever written about it and I will definitely not be the last but if you’ve felt it, and I know you have… read on.

We’re all living in a world where people run from and to each other. We fight, we cry, we’re mean and then we collide. Because we need to feel something. We’re all doing everything that we do because we need to feel like we’re alive and the only thing that can make you feel it is the sense, the touch and the warmth of another human being.

In this pursuit of life, we hit roadblocks… just like the physical injuries on a sports field, our hearts get hurt, they get broken, they ache and then one day, you’re mended. No, chocolate and ice cream don’t really act like the medicine that could heal that little crack that feels so physically real, nor does drinking or whining with your oh-so-sympathetic friends. But, they definitely don’t hurt!

The road to being fixed is a long and arduous one. And best taken alone because no one will ever understand what you’re feeling better than you do. But we can be reassured in the fact that there are millions of people, since the dawn of time and till the very end of it, that have and will feel the pain of a broken heart and survive.

Nothing teaches you quite how to love like having truly done it, at least once. So heartbreak? Its nothing but life telling you, this was just your first run… next time you’ll be much better and that’s why I’m going to sign off with what the greatest poets of our time put so simply “Love, Love me do…”

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Regret is a four letter word.

We all have a long list of things that we regret. It’s of many types; we either regret not doing or saying something or regret the fact that we did do it. Anybody who claims to breeze through life without having felt this emotion is either lying or has attained nirvana.

Regret is that nauseous feeling that threatens to overwhelm you after you eat way too many sugary treats or when you realize that guy you were with last night, doesn’t look half as good in the daylight or understand big words. Thats when you feel regret but think f**k.

What ties all sorts of regret together is the fact that no matter how much we try, how hard we work what’s done is done and cannot be reversed. Sometimes you let go of a good thing only to realize too late what it could’ve meant in your life and sometimes you’re too late in preventing something that shouldn’t have gone on for that long anyway.

Most importantly, rarely does regret involve only you, it affects and is bolstered by other people and that is why don’t selfishly try and assuage your guilt by trying to compensate for what you’ve done. Once the time has passed, stick to your decision and live by it because justifications mean nothing.That’s why they say life is so long, it takes a split second to make the wrong choice but forever to live it down.

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E-books threaten sale of paperbacks

E-Book sales have overtaken paperback sales on Amazon’s United States site and this years Man booker prize judging panel have been issued with E-readers.

Since the dawn of time, humans have constantly upgraded themselves to suit the changes in the world.  From caves in the jungles, we moved on to concrete buildings, from leather skins as clothes we went to haute couture. Is the replacement for the printed book the virtual book?

E-book readers allow readers to carry around 20, 000 books in their pockets. Sales of e-Books are steadily increasing as the variety and convenience they provide is higher than a real book. US Amazon’s latest financial report reads that for every 100 paperbacks 120 e-books were sold.*

To read E-books e-book readers are not necessary. Phones like the I-phone and other smartphones have applications that allow readers to read books on their devices. In this case having virtual books opens you up to a on- the -go library, a luxury heavy real books provide.

According to 21 year old reader Kamakshi Ayyar,”E-books are great obviously, considering the amount of paper we save.” Another factor that contributes to eBooks being more appealing is the fact that even without an e-book reader one can download books onto a computer or a mobile phone and read it conveniently .Some sites offer free downloads on books and many virtual books are available at lower prices than paperbacks.

There does seem to be an argument in favour of the printed word. Writer Jan Swafford writes, “People perceive written word differently than the one they see on a screen. My first drafts look good on screen but on paper, after what amount to several drafts on computer, look like a battlefield.”

The UK still lags behind the United States in terms of purchasing e-books. Publishers are trying to figure out the future but those at the Digital book world conference 2011 predict 2014 to be the year when e-books finally overtake the printed books.

Readers however insist that real books will never die. Reader Ramya Menon says, “There is a threat to lovely books from these sleek electronic contraptions but personally I would never give up the thrill of reading a real book. The smell of the pages is oddly comforting.”



* http://www.independant.co.uk

* http://www.slate.com

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The power of protests


Image courtesy- University of Westminster Journalism students

Governments the world over have been toppled by protesting citizens.

From the Indian independence movement to Anti Vietnam war protests, they’ve all had an impact. Some attribute the birth of hippy culture to these protests as people in America got disillusioned with regular life and looked for alternative lifestyles.

Are new age protestors more interested in getting in touch with their rebellious, hippy side rather than just focusing on the issue at hand?

Of the thousands of UK citizens who turned up to protest against the University tuition fee increase some may have turned up for those reasons.

Protestors screamed at the police officers, “Shame on you, you went to University for free.”  From a peaceful protests,it turned into a raucous party, with violins playing and drummers drumming, people climbing on top of vans and being boisterous.

Bibi Van der Zee from central London told the Guardian, “Wow, atmosphere in Trafalgar Square fantastic – excited students and school kids all over Nelson’s base and the lions, singing: “Fuck David Cameron” very, very loudly. The excitement of bunking off school AND climbing public statues AND swearing in front of police very obvious. “

Ayrton Allen, an Undergraduate student at the University of Westminster says, “”I do regret not taking part (in the previous protest). My friends went and they had a lot of fun. It seemed like it was all for a good cause”.

For many it is a legitimate issue as it directly affects students and effectively makes it very hard for someone with not a lot of money to get a decent higher education.

But protests also allow us to express everything that we’re feeling without taking real responsibility for our actions. A police van was vandalized and policemen were attacked with sticks and bottles.

Image courtesy- University of Westminster Journalism students

Demonstrations like these definitely don’t need to get violent but the excitement often overwhelms the people involved and the crowd gives individuals the confidence to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

In instances like these self-restraint is important and the real issue must not get forgotten as demonstrations can turn into public carnivals.

Another reason protests are so effective is because of the impact they have on individuals. Psychologists at the University of Sussex carried out tests that prove people actually feel happy even years later simply thinking about their participation and the memories of the protests.

Protests are really powerful, for society and the individual both that is why they must be taken very, very seriously.

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Why the UK is really helping Ireland


Image courtesy- http://www.photobucket.com User-axelXroxas14

Helping Ireland out of its financial crisis is like “helping a friend in need” said Chancellor George Osborne.

A big step for a man who introduced the largest spending cuts to the UK for the first time in decades in 2010. What suddenly made him decide that the time is right for the UK to bailout Ireland with a huge sum of £7 billion? It is definitely more than just friendship.

British taxpayers may be concerned that this friendship is indeed a very expensive one but what we don’t realise is that if Ireland isn’t helped; Britain stands to lose a lot. In the time of austerity UK is being generous.

“Clearly, we have a very open economy and therefore stability in other countries – or instability in other countries – has an impact in the UK,’ A Downing street official told the Daily Mail today.

It was his subtle way of saying; if we don’t help Ireland we don’t help ourselves.

Britain exports a large amount to Ireland making it it’s fifth biggest market while The Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds, UK’s partly state owned banks are amongst the biggest lenders to firms and consumers in Ireland.

So if you are among the few who think that the UK should steer clear of Ireland’s crisis, think again.

George Osborne’s and David Cameron’s decision to help Ireland out of its financial crisis has led to severe criticism from a number of groups including Conservative Party MP’s as well as the Adam Smith institute.

Their arguments are interesting as they make you question the true motives of the British government.

“Bailing out Ireland now would undo much of the benefits that Britain has yielded from keeping the pound and would make a mockery of the spending cuts announced by the coalition last month.” Sam Bowman, the head of research at the Adam Smith institute told the Daily Mail.

He went on to say that the proposed bail out to help Ireland would be a bad idea for the UK as it put the interests of the European Union before those of Ireland.

Ireland has been suffering from a financial crisis since 2008 and it has came to an ugly end with Ireland asking for a huge international bailout. It comes close on the heels of Greece’s financial crisis and there are fears that Spain and Portugal would be the next in line for this fate.

This is exactly why it makes sense for Britain to help keep Ireland afloat, as they are afraid that this crisis will pull the entire European union back into depression, something that the countries like UK have worked very hard to grow out of. Politics, economy and stability in all countries are interlinked and if they don’t help each other there is no chance for any to survive.

It is about putting the European union before individual countries because ultimately they depend on each other for survival. This is why UK is really helping Ireland.

Reference http://www.guardian.co.uk http://www.reuters.com http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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Camden Market

Camden Stalls market

Pebbled floors, shops selling burlesque and alternative fashion and lanes so tiny they’re almost alleyways.

The moment you walk into the lanes of the Camden stables market, you can literally be whoever you want to be. London is left far behind as you make your way into a world that is enchanting and a little bit dangerous.

The 700 odd stalls and shops are bright and inviting.

The street has a alternate universe feel to it and walking in, you feel like you’re back in one of the markets from the middle ages, with ornate horse statues and fountains an integral part of the architecture.

Women have a lot to choose from with haute couture shops. For the slightly daring woman, you have the burlesque shops that provide you with a wide variety of items that are both sexy and glamorous.

Those into Goth fashion will find a large collection of gothic and trendy items and Vintage fashion lovers have their pick with a number of small shops that have a large amount of clothes and accessories.

Rock n Roll and punk inspired clothing and accessories along with leather goods, antiques, brick-a-bracks, music equipment, second hand books and records are available in abundance.

Camden doesn’t restrict itself to UK products.

A number of stalls selling African jewelry, Irish jewelry, Tibetan- Nepali handicrafts as well as Indian items exist. This means Camden is not just for the London tourist but also for locals who want to get a taste of other cultures.

The best part about it is you can bargain and get items reasonably priced.

The food sellers try and entice you with fancy food on toothpicks which you can then carry to cute little area’s with benches and umbrella’s, meaning you can enjoy your food even while it rains.

While I do agree that Camden is a shopper’s paradise what makes it intriguing its ambience.

Sheesha parlours are scattered all over the place, the smoke lending a dangerous aura to the colorful lanes while Bob Marley belts out his “No woman no cry” on loudspeakers.

Rumours abound that drug peddlers peddle their goods (illegally of course) in the market and that makes you even more on the guard as you walk along the narrow lanes.

Storeowners come at you with an almost feverish excitement hoping that you enter their stores.

One should visit Camden not just for the shopping but for the entire package that it offers; an experience that is likely to be exciting and unforgettable.

Scene at the market

Fashion for women


Horse tunnel market


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The callousness of death

I’m 21 years old and have never lost anyone close to me. I guess you could say I’ve been lucky. Not anymore.

I just lost my uncle in an accident, he was 41 years old and in perfect health. Until he just wasn’t there anyone. You always hear about freak accidents but you never think it’ll happen to you.
Until it does. And I’m lost. When I heard what had happened I thought it was a joke. A cruel joke.

Movies paint loss as a long process that heals eventually but real life is not about inspirational montages and arguments in front of a house of worship.

Death means finality. It means you don’t get a second chance.

The worst is when it’s unexpected and I say so only because we think that we have forever with the people we love. That we will get a chance to see them, laugh with them and love them.
When it comes out of the blue the biggest regret we all have is the fact that we didn’t get the chance I say goodbye.

When I think about him, I feel anger and I feel sick. He was too young to pass away. Why would God or whoever it is that is responsible for these things choose to do this to someone who deserved a long, full life?

The only consolation I naively seek is maybe he was just too good for this world; he deserved to be in a better place. At times I can smile, when I’m distracted by life.

It hasn’t sunk it that he’s gone. That when I visit his house he just won’t be there .The pain lessens because life goes on and we have to move on with it

The pain that you feel does not go away.. and there won’t be a day I won’t regret not having a chance to say goodbye to my uncle. He was supposed to give me away at my wedding, according to Indian tradition.

I will feel his loss then and everyday of my life there will be a place in my heart that will remember him. He has left a hole in our family that can never be replaced. To a life that was well lived but cut short too soon and too unfairly. We love you and we miss you.

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Fight sexual assault!

Do you remember his eyes travel the length of your body? Up and down…up and down…as though with every blink he has taken off one more layer of your clothing…

The stench of his breath as he inched closer to you in the darkened street… his grimy hands inching toward whatever part of your body he could reach.  Screaming, you wake up… Sweat trickles down your scared faced as you relive the memories that scarred you forever…

Sexual abuse and assault crimes are rampant the world over in developing as well as developed nations. At the university of Westminster, London an educated young boy points and jeers at a women’s backside and doesn’t think twice about it.

When men look at me filthily, I have the most wonderfully graphic images of me leaping at them with a flying kick and pummeling them till they are crossed-eyes, A la Lara Croft. Alas, my vivid imagination is restrained and all I do is give them the dirtiest look that I can muster. This is the first mistake.

Most women feel like they should just walk away from abuse because they are not strong enough to fight it. When we walk away we give them the signal that we are too weak to fight them off and invite even worse crimes.

Today it is no longer about men assaulting women,

It has moved on to women-men sexual assault cases as well as men-men one’s most of which go unreported because of the shame associated with them.

There are a million reasons for people behaving like unrestrained pigs, emotional, psychological or the fact that they are just perverted and medieval but none of them justify the crimes they result in.

I call myself literate, educated and strong. I trust I stand up for the things that I believe in. Yet the last time I caught a man staring at me inappropriately, I walked away with my head hung…in spite of the fact that the culprit in the picture was most definitely him.

In bearing it, we have given impetus to the all the rapists and criminals of the world.

Lets pledge to teach every offender a lesson, lets pledge to save ourselves…whether he’s just looking at you…. seemingly harmlessly or is dangerously close, take action…cause if you don’t, no one else will. It starts from you…and ends at you.


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