Things I’ve learnt

My views – From the playful to the profound

  • Chocolate is the world’s most multipurpose food aphrodisiac – drug – dessert. The list is endless.
  • You can never stop loving someone you’ve truly loved. You can only pretend.
  • We never really change. We’re always who were were and are going to be.
  • Men will always try and manipulate you. Jokes are always on about how women never win arguments, but the truth is the men don’t try because they’d much rather make you feel bad about what you’ve said, later and then use it against you.
  • Couples in the 21st century, love each other with conditions and convenience. A tragedy because love without “if you do this for me”, truly makes you a happy person – ask any parent.
  • We rarely learn from our mistakes. We take people for granted and then when they start to forgive you, we do it again.
  • The more you run to men, the more they run away from you.
  • Wearing cap sleeves can make anyone look fat – even Heidi Klum
  • The people you grow up with have your back  forever. No questions asked.
  • Pizza is the best comfort food on the planet. Second only to greasy Chinese.
  • Once an asshole, always an asshole.
  • Every girl wants to be Carrie from Sex and the city. Every boy would like to be as suave as Mr.Big
  • The person you love will not wait for you forever.
  • Tell your family you love them often, they’ll be gone before you know it.
  • No matter how old or mature you get, your younger sibling will still be able to annoy you as much as he/she did when you’ll were little.
  • If you pretend to smile, you do begin to feel a little happy…try it.
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