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Want a chance at playing god? A creative interactive installation titled Dashavatar – the evolution of life exhibited at the Kala Ghoda Festival 2012, Mumbai. It gives you the chance to embrace the Dashavatara (10 avatars) of Vishnu who is revered as the preserver while plunging you into the “does he exist” connundrum all over again.

While the installation narrates the tale of the evolution of living beings from fish to the present day man – just like scientists state, it uses our cultural paradigm of Dashavatar as a visual. These are the versions of Vishnu, a God who appears during different ages to save the world, one way or another.

Walk with me as I as I unmask …

 Matsya – the Fish

Kurma– the Tortoise Varaha  – the Boar

Narasimha – half lion/half man

    Vamana– the Dwarf

Parshurama– the man with the axe

Ramachandra– the legendary prince of Ayodhya

Krishna – who is usually pictured with a flute as  he spreads the melody of love to people

Buddha – The spiritual man


Kalki -yet to appear

While it doesn’t end man’s existential dilemma or throw light on who this ‘God’ creature really is it did succeed in its goal of drawing out the brave hearts from among the crowd – urging them to shed their inhibitions. In the age when being yourself and being unafraid to express it, is constantly battling with the human need to fit in, this installation allows you to step into another’s shoes – only if you’re brave enough. So, are you going to be the one behind the camera or in front of it?

“Dashavatar” curated by Dr Ajanta Sen, Founder, Design In India 

On Display at the Traffic Island, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 4th – 12th February 2012

Photography by Shruthi R (Twitter id – ShruthiR11)

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